Spiritual Tours

We offer the following types of spiritual tours:

1. Despacho Ceremonies (3 half-day sessions)

Despachos are a physical way of coming into right relationship with Pacahamama (mother earth).  These ceremonies are a beautiful way to begin or advance your own spiritual path.  As part of the ceremonies, you will begin to build your own mesa (medicine bundle) and receive mesa rights.  Despacho ceremonies are performed at sacred Inca sites and each ceremony includes a guided tour of the site.

Ayahuasca Ceremonies (3 night-time ceremonies)

Ayahusaca is a plant medicine from the jungle that heals physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds.  Our ayahuasca ceremomies are unique because each ceremony is performed by a team of at least two Shamans:  an ayahuascero (an ayahuasca Shaman) and a master healer who does physical healings (extractions) during the ceremony.  Having two Shamans perform each ceremony ensures that sacred space is well-held and participants are well-cared for during the ceremony.

Healing Sessions (1-2 hours per person)

We offer Shamanic stone healing sessions with natural remedies.